Facial Treatments


Face skin

Skin peels are vital tools to keep your skin looking healthy, radiant and free of lines and wrinkles. Treatment dramatically improves skin condition, skin hydration, sun damage and the discolouration conditions. There will be reduction of acne scarring, tightening of the skin including the eye lids skin.

The skin consists of three layers the epidermis or the outer layer, the dermis or the middle layer and the hypodermis or the innermost later. Not many people realize that every 28 days, the outer layer or epidermis of the skin is completely replaced. This replacement can be further affected by external factors such as exposure to the sun, friction and hydration. Most important role of skin peels is that they renew your skin layers and stimulate new skin cell formation to keep your youthful looks maintained.

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Facial Treatments

Atraumatic Deep Pore Cleansing 108 SGD
Face Reborn 108 SGD
Rid of Laugh Lines 108 SGD
Gua Sha Facial 108 SGD
CranioSacral Therapy 108 SGD

Peel Skin Therapy

Mesoestetic™ Lactic Peel 88 SGD
Mesoestetic™ Glycolic Peel 88 SGD
Mesoestetic™ Modified Jessner Peel 88 SGD
Christina™ "Rose De Mer" Sea Herbal Deep Peel 88 SGD

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